Willa & Delores: The Dogs



Willa is my 2yr old grey and white Landseer Newfoundland( and as her aunt would say "part chihuahua"). I got her in April 2015.

​Willa and I became very close throughout the next two years as we moved from apartment to apartment in Raleigh, NC and then back home to Western, NC.

Willa was full of energy and attitude as a puppy, and now at 2 years old, nothing has changed. She inspired me to pursue my creative talents by making jewelry with colorful and vibrant materials. A year after I got Willa, graduated from college, and moved home to work for my Dad; the dream of Delores started to become a reality.

Delores is a 4month old brown Newfoundland from Walnut Cove, NC. My mom an I picked her up on April 11, 2017 (ironically exactly two years on the date of getting Willa) at. Cracker Barrel parking lot in Statesville, NC.

I was so nervous about introducing a new puppy into my home and to Willa, because she can be a little protective of her momma. However, after a couple days, a couple loud boundary setting growls, and stolen kibble, Willa and Delores have become best friends. They play with each other until they are both knocked out, drink out of the toilet together(when I'm not looking), and love their mom equally as much as she loves them.

S N O W   H A P P Y