To: Delores, From Willa

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Ironically, about a year ago when I only had Willa, and I decided to name my Jewelry company Willa and Delores, I decided to write a letter from Willa to Delores. This letter was written in hopes I would at one point get Delores, but it was just for fun since I knew the chances were very slim.

​However, I found this letter about a month ago in May 2017 after I had gotten Delores. So, below I decided to write another letter from Willa to Delores after the fact, just to give everyone a little insight on their relationship.



BD (Before Delores) August 2016
Dear Delores,

Mom and I haven't met you yet, but she's been telling me all about you. Mom is always telling me how much she loves making her jewelry and she loves it even more when her friends wear it out. I can tell she uses real leather for those tassel things she always waves in my face because it smells like my ancestors. She always tricks me into modeling her finish products by holding up an imaginary piece of kibble.

At first when mom starting dropping hints of your arrival, I tried to act as depressed as possible, but now I'm starting to get used to the idea. As long as you know I'm Alpha-Deb and you're Beta-Delo. So please hurry up and get here because I'm sick of being moms only model and I need a friend to bounce my ball with while mom is "crafting".


Willa (Your soon to be sister)

Ps: There is no doubt in my mind that we will run the dog park


A letter from Willa to Delores:

AD (After Delores) May 2017
Dear Delores,

A month and a half ago mom set up a kennel in my playroom and told me it was for my little sister. I had no idea what that crazy talk was all about so I ignored it. Well, mom wasn't kidding, you have arrived.

At first, I was so excited to go to the dog park that day, because mom and I normally don't go that much because she gets really nervous when I'm around other dogs. However, when I saw you I think I scared the living daylights out of you because you wouldn't stop crying and running under gam gams legs, but oh well.

After a couple weeks in the house together, you're starting to grow on me. Mom doesn't get as mad at me when I go for the toilet water, because you do it 10x more than me and then drip water all over the house. It's nice having someone to play around with in the mornings when mom is making jewelry. I will say when you had an accident on my bed I thought I was gonna flip, but I got over it because mom cleaned it up really quick. Lol, you have to be leashed up to the couch at night, been there done that, once you learn to not demolish the toilet paper that will end. So, as long as you don't bite my tail, steal my favorite squeaky cat nip ball, or steal all of mommy's hugs, you're ok in my book. Just ok.


Ps- You better not get bigger than me.


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